Sunstar GUM brandErase what bothers you.
role: art director | illustration: Uibirá Barelli | 3D: Leandro Oliveira
Sunny Toys One color changes everything.
role: art director | 3D illustration: Squad Estúdio
Continental Tires | Weather forecast: safety.
role: art director | copywriter: Cassio Guiot
Flogoral | Hard to swallow
role: head of art/art director | art director/illustrator: Matheus Mendes
Fogo-to -go by Fogo de chão | Stay safe and hungry
role: head of art | art director: Felipe Ajala, Felipe Amback
Biofenac Pain Relief | Pain stops. You don't.
role: art director | copywriter: Marcos Dyonisio
Decongex | A drop of relief.
role: art director | copywriter: Cassio Guiot, Guilherme Aranha

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