Kaluama Pepper Sauce
featured on Dieline
Capsicum Peppers originate from Brazil and other regions of Latin America and have been fundamental in indigenous culture for millennia. After Europeans arrival in the Americas, these spicy fruits were taken to all continents, where they were definitively incorporated into the gastronomy of many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.
Kaluama rescues this ancestral heritage by producing spicy, tasty, colorful and aromatic gourmet pepper sauces. For this, we created packaging that brings all the values of the brand in a cheerful and uncluttered way.
"Kaluama Sauce's packaging is bold and colorful, inspired by the very peppers found in the sauce's ingredients. The simple design paired with the vibrant colors is a match made in heaven. It's impressive to note that you can almost taste the flavor of each sauce just by looking at the packaging's color choices. Doesn't the combination of black, red, and yellow just scream, habanero and jalapeño? As a sauce lover, I imagine my pantry lined with these gorgeous boxes, and I can't get over the image of it." Dieline
Graphic Project: Packaging design for Kaluama Pepper Sauce.
Role: art director, graphic designer

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