Bio Mundo Organic Shop
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Bio Mundo is the organic products chain that has been promoting health and well-being in people's lives. The most complete and varied product mix in Brazil includes bulk, fresh and selected products such as: seeds, grains, dehydrated fruits, teas, flours and spices.
For this project we've started from the quote "The best way to get real organic food is to harvest it". So, Bio Mundo's products are so fresh and natural that buying looks like a harvesting experience. Therefore, inspired by rolling papers, we created a series of packaging and posters to bring up this natural and organic feeling.

"Bio Mundo has worked with Cacá Passos to create packaging that fully encapsulates their mission of promoting health and well-being in people's lives. Their product line includes seeds, teas, spices, and other essential items, and the packaging brings these commonly found health foods to life. Through bold and oversized types to unexpected color combinations, including yellow and light blue, the packaging goes against the trope of healthy foods packaged with muted and often dull hues. Bio Mundo is making the health food world more approachable and, therefore, more whimsical." Dieline

Graphic Project: Packaging and poster design for Bio Mundo Organic Shop.
Role: art director, graphic designer | agency: Rai | collab: Guilherme Aranha (CW)

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